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We provide opportunities for direct investments through funds. In addition, we have a dedicated team that provides asset and management services for owners of income producing real estate.

Real Estate Funds

Most high net worth individuals have between 30-70% of their balance sheet invested in income producing real estate. Investment real estate provides two sources of return – monthly rents and price appreciation of the property. In order to best serve our clients, we have created real estate funds with the following goals in mind:

    • Provide one-stop diversified real estate exposure to income-producing properties nationwide
    • To supplement and complement our clients existing direct real estate portfolio (i.e. to diversify away from CA residential)
    • To generate steady and growing tax-advantaged income in retirement
    • To allow us to co-invest alongside clients

Our real estate funds allow for investors to spend zero time committed to managing real estate, lower their operating expenses, diversify their portfolio, and streamline paying and reporting taxes.

To fulfill these goals, we are investing in property outside of California in asset classes besides multi-family residential, that are stabilized with a high cash-on-cash return, located in secondary metro areas that also have a value add opportunity. We are also looking for the ability to become the majority limited partner to provide some measure of control on the property.

With plenty of opportunity for investment, these funds are an excellent way to have income producing real estate in your portfolio without the traditional time and risk required.

Asset & Property Management

Many of our clients have real estate that is self-managed. However, with the day-to-day requirements of operating real estate, it can become overwhelming and taxing. With our real estate management team, we are able to transition properties seamlessly so no detail is forgotten and every tenant is taken care of. We offer a boutique management style, able to cater to each building and clients needs. Whether it’s for a large office building, small residential property or retail strip center, we can maximize the potential in any property.


Some of the services we provide to our asset and property management clients include:

  • Rent Collection and Lease Renewals
  • Financial Reporting and Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable and Budgets
  • Management of Operations, Vendors, Property Maintenance


We also assist clients in preparing a property for sale. Whether it be getting the property to full occupancy, completing some capital improvements, or finding the right broker, we work with you each step of the process to ensure your goals are met. In a 1031 exchange, we will be involved in the process to make sure all necessary documents are received to make for an effortless transition to new ownership.

Real Estate Advising & Transactions

When a client is not sure what the best path forward is with their real estate or finances, we are able to look at the full picture and develop a plan to fit their needs. From selling a property and reinvesting in our real estate funds to a 1031 exchange with our management, we have a variety of ways to advise and assist with a real estate portfolio.

During a transaction, there are many pieces to the puzzle to be accounted for. We work with our clients and their brokers to ensure that everything is done in a timely fashion and your assets are transitioned to the best place for you. We often identify new properties for an exchange in advance of a sale, allowing for a smoother process and better planning. Our team has vast experience in every asset class and area of the country, which allows us to diversify your portfolio and account for any client goals.

Our expertise also allows us to advise when selling a business, as this can often have real estate as a component. When deciding the terms of sale, incorporating our team will allow for additional creative thinking and to maximize your value when finalizing the details of the transaction.

From Fortune 500 to Mom and Pop, our team has a boutique approach. We can be as hands on or off as our clientele need us to be. In person, on Zoom, via phone or email, we make ourselves available to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes with their assets.

Behind the Story

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At Pasadena Private Real Estate, we understand the importance of owning real estate to maintain and grow wealth. As part of a larger organization that works with businesses and the families that own them, we incorporate real estate into a well designed wealth plan that maximizes your return on capital in a tax efficient manner.

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